Rashmi Mathur, OptometristRashmi Mathur qualified in 1988 from the University of Bradford, England with a Bachelor of Science degree in Optometry. She worked in England for several years gaining experience at an Independent Optometric practice in Northampton. From there she gained broad experience in all aspects of eye care with the recognition for Continuing Education, gaining memberships to professional organisations while seeing the need for ongoing reading and learning to keep up with the changing world of Optometry. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience to educate and raise awareness of the importance of eye health in Trinidad & Tobago.

Professional Memberships:

British College of Optometry- This is the Professional, Scientific and Examining Body for Optometry in the UK. It works exclusively for the public benefit. The College has strong links with Optometric and Optical Organisations around the world.

Association of Optometrists (U.K)- Provides services and support to members for training, legal services and professional support.

General Optical Council- This regulatory body in the UK sets the rules for compulsory Continuing Education, professional conduct and maintains a registrar of individuals who are qualified and fit to practice the profession. ( Registration Number 01-22005)

Trinidad and Tobago Optometrists Association- Provides support, services and professional training to local Optometrists.

I became interested in Optometry from the first time I had my own eyes tested at age 13. I was already extremely short-sighted by then and was having great trouble seeing the blackboard at school. The first time I put on my glasses and was able to discern details on people’s faces, leaves and clouds, I was completely enthralled with the change in my own world. It led me to choose Science subjects at school and pursue Optometry as my career choice. It has been an extremely fulfilling and wonderful journey.